As above is below: your brain is also the universe ...

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The brain is connected to the cosmos on a quantum scale.

The brain is connected to the cosmos on a quantum scale.
Do we know the functioning of atoms? including those of our brain? it is governed by the laws of quantum physics. So too that of the universe. And we are full of atoms as well as everything in space. Although the idea of ​​considering man a small world is much older than the quantum one: the notion that we are a microcosm already comes from the Greeks, and was also present in the wisdom of the Egyptian scribe Thot, also known as Hermes Trismegisto.
So, according to a body of human knowledge ranging from alchemy to philosophy and that has materialized in quantum physics, we are connected to the cosmos on a quantum scale. Our organism is stardust, while our beliefs, our faith and our hope always look up, searching the sky and what transcends it for clues of what to do, since we are part of the same and infinite mechanism whose balance depends on the parts.
Because it is an element of a whole, we can affirm that the brain
it is connected to the universe on a quantum scale.
The atoms of our brain and the atoms of a star are part of the same: of the cosmos. This quantum complicity means that, at the quantum level, a star is the same as a planet, a flower or another human being. It even makes possible links beyond all time and space, as the theory of non-locality explains.
Science does not need mysticism and mysticism does not need science, but man needs both.